The heart of any successful CX strategy begins with accurately connecting one’s customers with the experiences that maximize measurable, sustainable value.  What are your customers thinking?  What are they doing? And why?

At the Customer Xperience Company, we develop highly effective B-to-C and B-to-B CX, Sales & Marketing strategies precisely because we recognize that discovering and deciphering customer insights will always sit at the core of any successful customer experience program.  We recognize the value of survey driven customer insights yet we continuously seek the scale and value derived from leveraging very large data sets to deliver optimized customer value along with the experiences which initiate and sustain that value based upon the power and extensibility of behavioral based insights.

As we seek to combine both attitudinal and behavioral data sets, not only do we seek to better understand what your customers are doing today but to optimize the experiences they will live tomorrow and beyond.  Ensuring that customer insights are fueling our clients’ ability to engineer customer experiences which translate into repeat, profitable, omnichannel sales is central to our strategic approach.

Whether it's early days and you are just starting out with your organization's CX strategy development or if you require an objective set of fresh eyes to optimize the true value of your CX & eCommerce program(s) you already have in place, The Customer Xperience Company can help. 

Omnichannel Customer Loyalty: the Holy Grail of Great Customer Xperience

A well-designed loyalty strategy gives brands the power to identify, differentiate and engage their customers and best prospects with increasingly relevant experiences and evolve them into enduring brand advocates...across all channels.

Loyalty programs require an insight driven, branded investment strategy that deepens and broadens customer relationships, utilizing both rational and emotional levers to motivate a continuing series of incremental profit-enhancing customer behaviors and experiences to maximize ROI.

When it comes to the analysis and design of best in class omnichannel Customer Loyalty programs we recognize the need for highly specialized and innovative thinking. It is for that reason that we are pleased to partner with the best minds in the business:  east|west marketing group.  Their extensive, multi-vertical loyalty expertise is unencumbered by any proprietary technology platform and, like the Customer Xperience Company, maintains an an agnostic view regarding technology, always seeking the most effective means to align strategy and technology to maximize value for clients.

We offer a complete range of strategic and operational loyalty services - customer segmentation, loyalty experience design, program design, implementation and management, program auditing, financial modeling, platform and technology assessment, digital and direct marketing loyalty communications as well as award-winning creative services.