That is what we strive for, each and every time.  We are completely dedicated to partnering with our clients to understand and maximize value for your brand(s).  It's not easy, it's our driving force.

Few other firms will be able to match our combination of experience, knowledge, insight, dedication and personalized service. Think: "Mission Statement & Jerry Maguire." (

In fact we are are singularly and relentlessly focused on enabling our clients to dramatically increase customer, organizational and brand value through the achievement of truly sustainable Customer Experience excellence.  If you chose to work with us you will always be working with one of the company's principals and be the direct beneficiary of decades of proven experience.

Experts not armies.  Our track record includes working with and for many Fortune 100 companies, nevertheless we are proudly boutique.   We expect to make a substantive and lasting difference in every engagement we chose to take on and we go the extra mile to ensure that our skills and efforts are closely matched with our clients’ needs.  In short, we believe that it’s always ok not to engage but its never ok not to deliver exceptional value.

Proven Brand Experiences:  The professional experince that we bring to VinoXP includes work with dozens of premium brands across the globe, including: Antinori, Illy Caffé, Nespresso, Gevalia, Heineken, Buittoni, Home Depot, eBay, Adidas, Wells Fargo, UniCredito Italiano Electronic Arts, Phillips, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, IBM, Stop & Shop, Bulgari, Ermenegildo Zegna, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fiat Auto, Chrysler, Mercedes, Vodafone and many, many others.

Inspired Work

We are more interested in the size of your ideas and challenges than the dimensions of your company.  We find ourselves more inspired today than at any other juncture in our professional careers because of the immense value that Customer Experience strategies, methods and systems can deliver.  We wake up every day excited to discover new, increasingly innovative ways to create and enhance enterprise value and we aim to ensure that our clients are equally excited.

We seek clients that face a strong desire and/or need to change.  We are eager to engage with brands that refuse to settle for their current position and seek customer-centric ways to outpace the competition.  In this pursuit of excellence there are four questions we like to ask:

  • Do you want to break new ground or run with the pack?

  • Are you looking for incremental improvement or order of magnitude sea change?

  • Are you prepared to place increasing customer value at the center of your business strategy?

  • Are you looking for an insightful, experienced and extremely dedicated business partner to support your efforts?

If your company’s goals and challenges require hard to achieve strategies and solutions, if your aspirations are about marketplace leadership and excellence, then The Customer Xperience Company just might be the business partner you want and need.