There is nothing easy about becoming a great customer-centric company. 

For most enterprises this transformation goes hand in hand with the need to adapt to massive changes brought about by continuous digital disruption.  As challenging as the development of the ideal CX strategy can be and as critically important it is to select, deploy and utilize the appropriate “CX Tech Stack,” nothing is more critical and often challenging than aligning one’s organization with the imperatives brought about by customer-centricity.

Our CX Organizational Alignment & Transformation Practice:

Organization Diagnostics & Planning

  • Assessment of your organizational readiness to define the best path to achieve proper organizational alignment with your Customer Experience strategy so as to ensure its effective and efficient implementation
  • Mapping of current or proposed CX strategy to current organizational design, including analysis based upon executive / stakeholder interviews regarding potential organizational gaps and/or challenges
  • Assessment of Voice of Employee (VOE) research data that defines / indicate potential gaps and pain points and tie into Voice Of Customer (VOC) metrics
  • Ensuring that the proper measurement and VOE & VOC tools and measurement framework(s) are defined and deployed to enable ongoing monitoring of employee engagement levels
  • Define proposed new organizational structure and iterate as required with leadership and key stakeholders
  • Define / validate existing organizational process required to enable organizational transformation including (but not limited to):
    • Hiring processes
    • On-boarding processes
    • Training processes
    • Internal communications
    • Development of a post-engagement organizational transformation plan including milestones, timelines and metrics.
    • Organizational Transformation

This practice focuses on supporting the organization during clearly defined transformational phases so as to ensure the achievement of the most effective and efficient implementation of your new CX strategy

  • Ensure agreement and transformation plans, objectives and approach
  • Facilitate initial transformation workshop(s) so as to fully align management and key stakeholders on the plan, milestones, timing and internal communications
  • Serve as ongoing advisor to the team and troubleshoot challenge areas as they arise
  • Program manage the “Master Transformation Plan” in order to ensure that milestones are achieved on time and with appropriate quality
  • Review of new employee facing materials for clarity, accuracy and adherence to plans
  • Analyze VOE and VOC data to monitor progress and quickly identify any remaining / emerging gaps
  • Work with leadership team to address gaps reconfigure plans if/when the need arises
  • Conduct a thorough de-briefing upon completion of transformation to inform go-forward tuning and sustainability