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We are pioneers in the rapidly evolving world of Customer Journey Mapping, and we believe in the value that mapping one’s customers’ journeys can enable.  Navigating this highly dynamic, 24 x 7, multi-channel world is simply too complicated without having insight based, frequently updated maps at one’s beck and call.

It is critical to recognize that customer journey maps work best when they are designed and conceived from the outset with a comprehensive understanding of what you are seeking to solve for as well as the appropriate metrics framework to apply in analyzing both the current and future value of your customers' journeys.  Is your focus a Marketing or Operational one? Are you measuring for MROI? For CLTV?  For NPS? Have you established not only a way of capturing, quantifying and prioritizing current behaviors but equally/more importantly tracking incremental change as your strategies evolve?

We have been pioneering new methods in journey mapping since 2010 and have learned just how critical it is to not only capture the value creating / value diminishing points of interaction in a customer journey but to also fully understand the underlying processes, systems and data sets that both support and inform those journeys.

What are the gaps and easy to solve risk areas where significant improvements in the customer experience can be achieved quickly and profitable?   Are you leaving opportunities for growth and profit on the table?  Without a proven, well defined measurement framework with which to capture, track and measure customer value and CXROI over time, the essential customer journey mapping exercise will not return the value you need it to.