Great customer experiences are fueled by a constantly flowing, ever richer series of customer insights which must be combined with the ability to “action” those insights to deliver optimized experiences.  The technological implications of this goal are many and represent a critical investment area for the enterprise.

The virtual explosion of digital technology companies, all competing to become the next “unicorn” is not always a good thing.  While this relentless pace of innovation ensures a constant flow of new, often better solutions to the big challenges associated with delivering excellent customer experiences, it also leads to confusion, distraction and at times even management paralysis.

At The Customer Xperience Company, we work very closely with a broad spectrum of leading technology firms whose offerings are focused on solving one or more of the critical pieces of the customer experience puzzle.  From Data Integration & Aggregation, to Survey & Market Research Apps, to Customer Journey Mapping & Methodology providers and all the way to Analytic, Optimization and Personalization technologies, we are constantly analyzing, testing and interacting with these providers so as to ensure that we are able to support our clients CX technology decisions, from selection all the way to negotiation, deployment and execution.


The Customer Xperience Company Technology Practice:

Technology Diagnostics: is your technology stack working for you? Is it enabling insight generation at scale in a Big Data world as well as ensuring real-time connectivity with downstream deployment platforms?

Technology Blueprint: are you just “jumping in” to CX?  Trying to assess the time and effort needed to deliver on your new strategy?  What can you leverage from your legacy systems and what requires transformation or integration…and how?  What should this all look like and how should it all fit together?  Is your eCommerce solution integrated with your CX & CRM platform?  Are you developing, measuring and deploying customer insights across all channels?  In real time?

Technology Value: CX technology investments need to be sustainable and return significant value to the organization.  There is no one size fits all equation.  The continued hyper-growth of open source technologies brings significant opportunity for cost savings and accelerated deployment.

At the Customer Xperience Company, we work closely with our clients to ensure that they cost effectively navigate the ever changing technology ecosystem and deploy solutions that will deliver sustainable value.